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Response Collection

The range of response collection devices includes low profile response keys that ensure your participant stays comfortable during longer experiments, infra-red response keys that provide a way of having non-feedback responses. It also includes voice-triggered keys or foot pedals that can be a solution when participants cannot use their hands to respond.

The response devices are connected via the parallel port. If only two keys are needed the devices can be interfaced as a USB mouse.

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 Response 5 low key

Low profile response keys

These response keys are enclosed in a very low casing enabling the participant's hands and lower arms to be in a more natural position. Ideal for longer experiments in which the participant has to remain in the same position. The keys give a faint clicking feedback. Can be provided in a one, two, three, four or five key configuration. Multiple key devices can be arranged ergonomically for the left or right hand or positioned in a straight line.

from £765.- order code RESP-LOW* 




Infra Red non Feedback Response Keys

These keys are great if you require a response that does not give any feedback to the participant. Infra-red sensors register when something (like a finger) gets close to the surface (less than two millimeter) and signal a key press. The output behaviour can be inverted so that a key press is registered when an object/finger is moving away from the keys, registering for example a finger lift. A single pad has three response areas small enough to use for single finger responses.

£2299.- per pad. order code  RESP-IR3


 Infra Red Response Keys


 Foot Pedals

Heavy Duty Foot Pedals

Foot pedals are a great alternative to hand and finger responses if the participant's hands need to remain in a fixed position. Pedals can be used to register either press or release.

£462.- per pedal. order code RESP-FOOT

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