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Hello and welcome to my site. My name is Heijo van de Werf and I am the proprietor and founder of Heijo research Electronics.

From the summer of 1999 until the end of 2010 I worked as a half time research technician in Professor Martin Eimers Brain and Behaviour Lab at Birkbeck College in London. As a research technician I gained great insight into the way research is carried out and the way equipment is being used within the multisensory research environment.

It was at the Brain and Behaviour Lab that I started to build and develop controllers for presenting tactile and visual stimuli.

The stimulus controllers, response keys and various other devices that I constructed for students and post docs proved to be popular, and people who moved on to set up labs of their own came to me with requests to provide them with stimulus presentation and response collection equipment.

In 2005 I registered Heijo Research Electronics as a business with the Inland Revenue.

Since then there has been a steady increase in customers and my equipment is now serving science in laboratories not only in the United Kingdom but also in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, China and Japan.

As of January 2011 I am running Heijo Research Electronics full-time. As a full-time proprietor it is easier to provide a first class service for my clients and customers.

I am confident about the future and am working hard to make Heijo Research Electronics an established name in the wonderful world of science, research and technology.

Heijo van de Werf, proprietor


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