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Stimulus Presentation 

Multisensory stimulus presentation equipment. Controllers and interfaces for tactile, visual and auditory stimuli, directly controlled from your stimulus presentation software with highly accurate timing. Tactile stimulus presentation with trial-by-trial intensity control, visual stimulus presentation with trial-by-trial pattern and luminosity control. Auditory stimuli gates or free standing tone generators.

Heijo Research Electronics Stimulus Presentation Controllers are among the most advanced controllers on the market and are used in laboratories around the world.


Response Collection

A range of response collection devices. Low profile response keys to ensure your participant stays comfortable during longer experiments. Infra-Red response keys provide a way of having non-feedback responses. Voice triggered keys or foot pedals can be a solution when participants cannot use their hands to respond.

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 Bespoke Design

Bespoke Equipment

All of the equipment offered on this website can be modified should the standard specification not entirely meet your requirements. Functions can be added, equipment behaviour can be altered, response keys can be built into specially shaped objects, etc.

If your department does not have a technical unit, if it is over-stretched or if you require somebody to look at your problem from a different perspective, Heijo Research Electronics provides a unique service for bespoke equipment.

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